Alexander Edgemon, ATC 2015 Gold Medal-winner

Congratulations to our winners for 2015:

Courtney Knight Gaines Gold Medal-winner: Alexander Edgemon
Heyward and Patty Gignilliat Silver Medal-winner: Stephen Dobson
Enmark Stations Inc. Bronze Medal-winner: Jorell Williams
4th Place winner: Rebecca Odorisio
5th Place winner: Melanie Helton

Johnny Mercer Award: Nicole Zuraitis
Ben Tucker Jazz Award: Rebecca Odorisio

Richard Chambless People's Choice Award Semifinals: Nicole Zuraitis Richard Chambless People's Choice Award Quarterfinals: Kacey Cardin

Congratulations to all of our winners. And a big congratulations to all of our contestants as well, for giving such inspired and powerful performances. We are already planning and looking forward to next year - our 23rd year. Thank you for joining us along the way and we look forward to sharing and celebrating more American vocal music.

The 2015 ATC Finalists and Judges (from left to right): Melanie Helton, Rebecca Odorisio, Jorell Williams, Alexander Edgemon, Stephen Dobson and judges Jim Wann, Kristen Blodgette and Ron Raines.