Sometimes when you stand out from the crowd, you need to find your own voice and create your own stage. For 2015, we at the ATC with the help of our web designers at Sabre Technologies have created our own stage for all applicants to apply online!

Yes, at our website:

You'll find our history, past winners, photo galleries of past events and competitions, information for applicants.... and now you'll find a dedicated online application with payment through PayPal.

Applicants will be required to upload their Quarterfinal songs to a SoundCloud account ( - a website similar to YouTube, but for audio only) and paste those web-links into our application, fill out the rest of their proposed songs and pertinent information, and after paying with PayPal, their application will be submitted for consideration to compete in Savannah in 2015!

We're thrilled to have streamlined our application process, which naturally makes it easier for all singers to apply. It's one of the changes we have made this year which we hope will take us further and make our 22nd year one for the record books. After all, we enjoy giving our Finalists a stage to perform for their own record books each year.

For those singers out there who are thinking of applying: Just point your browsers to our application page:

And make this YOUR year at the ATC!

Vale Rideout
Artistic Consultant
American Traditions Competition

Photo by John Carrington