Drum roll please!!! We have our contestants for the ATC! I was working on making sure to have the results before midnight at least, but Google instigated 2-step verification at the last minute (literally) and threw my email notification into some turmoil. I think that I finally have gotten it taken care of and am now ready to post our contestants for the ATC in 2015 (in alphabetical order):

Jessica Baldwin
Robert Belfry
Jessica Ann Best
Kacey Cardin
Angelique Clay
Jennifer DeDominici
Maximus DeFrancesco
Claire DiVizio
Stephen Dobson
Alexander Edgemon
Kaitlyn Costello
Jazmin Gorsline
Melanie Helton
Nicole Joseph

Carly Kincannon
Meredith Lustig
Clare Maloney
Caitlin McKechney
Antoni Mendezona
Christia Nastasi
Rebecca Odorisio
Kevin Rose
Jacob Lewis Smith
Rachel Sparrow
Tichina Vaughn
Katherine Walker
Jorell Williams
Nicole Zuraitis

We would like to thank all of those who were not accepted into the Quarterfinals, but who worked hard to apply this year. We do hope that you will consider applying in the future.

We're excited for our 22nd year!


Vale Rideout
Artistic Consultant
American Traditions Competition