American Traditions Vocal Competition - February 17-21, 2020 | Savannah, Georgia

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The JUNIOR ATC is our new major educational outreach initiative open to high school students in Savannah, Georgia and the surrounding communities. Teaching students confidence in solo singing opportunities, giving them a chance to craft their own program based upon their unique vocal abilities and interests, and allowing them further development through coaching, performances, and competing against their peers, we hope students will grow through this experience, and that it will encourage them to develop their individual interests, and to follow their creative passions, wherever they may lead.


Saturday, October 5th OPEN CALL - sign up for a time slot HERE (slots are limited, and are first-come, first serve!)

First Presbyterian Church, 520 Washington Avenue // Savannah, Georgia 31405

Saturday, October 26 COACHINGS - Finalists selected from the OPEN CALL will be coached by professional singers on stage presence, vocal technique, style and mic technique to prepare them for the FINAL round

First Presbyterian Church, 520 Washington Avenue // Savannah, Georgia 31405

Saturday, November 9 FINAL ROUND - Finalists will sing before a live audience, and a panel of judges to compete for over $1,500 in prizes!

Savannah Arts Academy, 500 Washington Ave // Savannah, Georgia 31405


  • Each singer has to create a program of three (3) songs, chosen from a selection of six (6) genres. No genre can be repeated, and performing the songs in the correct style is a large part of our scoring process.

  • In the OPEN CALL, each singer will offer one song, and the panel can ask for a second if they wish to hear another selection.

  • No more than ten (10) singers will be passed to the FINAL ROUND from the OPEN CALL.

  • Each FINALIST must attend their coaching to be properly prepared for the FINAL ROUND.

  • Each singer must submit their music as PDFs to before the OPEN CALL, so our pianist will have your music.

  • You may use your own pianist.

  • Singers should be prepared to sing their entire program for the FINAL ROUND

Our OPEN CALL is a closed event to the public.

Our COACHINGS are open for teachers, or close family members.

Our FINAL ROUND is open to the public with a $5 ticket fee to cover costs for Savannah Arts Academy.


All composers MUST be of United States Citizenship - no songs by David Foster, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber or Sir Elton John are eligible; no music from Les Miserables, Evita, Miss Saigon, Phantom of the Opera, etc are eligible for this competition.

  • Folk

  • Songs of Johnny Mercer**

  • Popular Music of 1950-1980 (Motown, Disco, Funk, Rock, Rockabilly, Singer-Songwriter all OK!)

  • Art Song

  • Musical Theatre

  • Spirituals

  • Great American Songbook

*no performances of MOON RIVER will be allowed.


Prize packages total $1,500, plus performance opportunities in Savannah and elsewhere.

First Place $750

Second Place $500

Third Place $250

Winners will be asked to sing at events for the American Traditions Vocal Competition, and more prizes are in the works to help give student singers performance opportunities and build confidence in their performance abilities.

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